Admission Process

The patient or responsible party should bring their insurance card(s) and a photo ID. Although most payments are collected prior to surgery, if co-pays or balances have not been paid in full, the patient or responsible party should bring their preferred payment method on the day of surgery.

The patient or responsible party should carefully review all documents for any errors including correct spelling of names, addresses and other demographic information. Please bring any incorrect information to our attention for correction.

All patients must have a ride home and a responsible adult to care for them for the first 24-hours after surgery.

Parent(s) or legal guardians of patients under the age of 18 need to remain at the Center at all times until discharge. Legal guardians should bring any legal or guardianship papers with them.

If you have an allergy, or think you may be pregnant, please call the surgical center at (303) 708 – 2943.

Notify your surgeon or call the surgery center if there is any change in your physical condition (cold, fever, flu symptoms, etc.) 24-48 hours prior to surgery.